Yoga Dogz studio is a nonprofit called EVOLVE Yoga. This isn't revolutionary for a studio to choose to be non-profit, but we think that why we chose to pursue this direction is unique and powerful.

Evolve Yoga was founded to help all people live healthy, meaningful and connected lives through the practice of yoga. We accomplish this by providing trained and certified teachers who welcome all into their studio [Yoga Dogz] and have a passion for teaching in settings where yoga is not readily affordable or available. This is why we established ourselves as a nonprofit, called Evolve Yoga. 


What this means for our studio.


This means that in addition to teaching classes daily in our studio, Yoga Dogz, we also provide yoga to groups in our community that can benefit from the healing powers of the practice but do not have access. These community classes are what make up the Evolve programming. We feel that sharing the practice of yoga is integral to the practice itself. Currently we are working with the Alexander Juvenile Detention Center and the Street School of Winston-Salem.


What this means for you. 


Your studio memberships supports our teachers and the space for those classes. We rely on private donations and are seeking larger sponsorships to support our passion of accessible community programming. If you feel passionate about this we as well, we hope that you will consider supporting Evolve.

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Alexander Juvenile Detention Center

Evolve Yoga teaches two classes a week at Alexander County Juvenile Detention Center to teenagers age 9 to 17.  These boys and girls have been through tough situations and we enjoy being a positive influence in their lives.   


Winston-Salem Street School

Winston-Salem Street School is a nonprofit high school that empowers students to thrive in an academic environment. The WSSS is committed to the idea that growing spiritually, mentally and physically is the key to living a healthy and productive life.  The students take classes at the Yoga Dogz studio in Reynolda Village.