Insights from Mindfulness, Sensory Awareness, and the Brain: A neuroscience workshop and mindfulness retreat


MINDFULNESS MEDITATION This workshop will present cutting edge research in a simple and digestible framework to better understand how pain and other health concerns manifest in the mind and body. We will use this information as a springboard to learn simple, yet effective tools to promote pain relief and well-being. These include mindfulness-based techniques that enhance interoceptive awareness, cognitive flexibility, and the ability to regulate emotions.

Participants will learn how to practice and teach Fadel’s scientifically validated meditation techniques.

This workshop is ideal for those who teach and practice mindfulness, yoga, or any other healing art, as well as for bodyworkers and health professionals. The weekend will include a combination of scientific review, group discussion, and practical exercises.


Fadel ZeidanFadel Zeidan, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Neurobiology and Anatomy at Wake Forest School of Medicine and Associate Director of Neuroscience Research at Wake Forest’s Center for Integrative Medicine. He also is the Director of the Brain Mechanisms of Pain and Health Laboratory, a Fellow at the Mind and Life Institute and has facilitated guided mindfulness meditation interventions for the past 15 years.

Friday, March 24, 2017: 6pm - 8pm