Standing In Your Power with Joan Parisi Wilcox and Carly Huff Sink

Combining knowledge from science, yoga, Andean mysticism and other traditions and methods of inquiry, we will take a journey into the self to foster conscious evolution and alignment of intention and energy.

Life is good! You have a strong body, sharp mind and open heart. But no matter how good things are, they can always get better. The added ingredient that can kick-start greater success is energy.

Begin your journey to greater satisfaction and well-being by using all of your resources—including your energy body.

Over three hours we will explore the landscape of personal power and energetics through science and metaphysics.

You will discover that you are:

  • An energy being as well as a physical being
  • Able to use your body-mind to reduce stress, and dissolve other blocks to your well-being and success
  • Better primed for success when you use simple and quick techniques to bring greater coherence to your energy body. Energetic coherence is a key to getting the most effect with the least effort

Ready, set, go to a more integrated, productive and empowered self!

Your guides for the afternoon are Carly Huff Sink, yoga instructor, certified natural health practitioner, certified aromatherapist, and practitioner of Andean mysticism; and Joan Parisi Wilcox, author of three books and dozens of articles, seminar leader across the United States, lecturer in science and metaphysics in the US and Europe, and practitioner of Andean mysticism.

August 20th 2 - 5 PM Price : $40

Must pre-register for this workshop.