Virabhadrasana_1Begin in Tadasana and exhale the left foot back into a high lunge.  Align your left heel behind your right heel and then turn you left foot out 45 degrees keeping your right foot forward big toe tracking with your knee. Root down through the outer edges of your left foot as you rotate your hips so that they face forward, then bend your right leg to create a 90 degree angle. Inhale and raise your arms overhead, shoulder width apart and parallel to each other.  Reach through your fingertips palms faceing inwards, draw your shoulders blades back and down towards your tailbone.  You should feel your shoulder blades lightly hug into your back.

Holding this position, on an exhale contract your abdominal muscles and tilt your pelvis so your tailbone moves down and under. Lift your energy up the grounded left leg through to the arms as you hold the posture tall, feeling your ribcage lift away from your pelvis. Keep your head neutral, looking forward, or tilted back slightly looking up towards your hands.

To exit, exhale lowering your hands to hips.  Inhale, and press firmly into your right foot, stepping your left leg forward, exhale release your hands back into Tadasana.

Take a few breaths and then repeat with the other side for the same length of time.