Mindfulness and Hatha Yoga

Have you ever wondered why a hatha yoga practice makes you feel different than other forms of exercise, such as aerobics, running, lifting, or even gym yoga?  There is a difference, and when you pay attention to the subtleties, you may notice small changes not only in yourself, but in the world around you.   Perhaps the intention behind the way you approach your yoga practice is affecting more than just your waistline.  What’s going on in the mind, and how is this happening?  Why is hatha yoga growing faster than other forms of exercise? People from all walks of life to include professional athletes, doctors, disabled persons, rich, poor, young, old, military, various cultures, and religious beliefs, housewives, and students are practicing to improve their lives.  Hatha Yoga is a mindfulness practice, and there are five basic steps that develop through a steady practice.  

This is an excerpt from John's article "Mindfulness and Hatha Yoga" published in the Triad Moms On Main blog.

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