Why would I ever want to “Sweat My Paws Off” at Yoga Dogz?

winston-salem-yoga-sweat-your-paws-off-wake-forest-university-hot-yoga I’m new to all this yoga stuff, I am not flexible,  I love red meat, and am a lifelong member of the NRA and North American Hunting Club.  Why would I ever want to “Sweat My Paws Off” at Yoga Dogz?

So you can improve your life, and bring more life to your days. You will live healthier, feel better, sleep more soundly and be more focused. You do not have to be a certain way to practice Yoga.  You simply have to be yourself.  Hatha Yoga  is a practice designed to give you better development and control of both your internal and external bodily systems.  It begins with proper breathing as we move through a series of asanas (yoga poses) designed to strengthen, tone and balance the body. Classes are challenging, yet simply being present, and doing your best is what’s important.  Every class will have new students, so we will provide instructions for each level and to give any personal instruction that is needed to our new folks.  In other words, come as you are and try to view your practice as a process more so than a goal.

Please come at least 20 minutes early so we can orient you to the studio and complete the check-in process and learn about any physical injuries, medications or other challenges that may affect your practice.

Please bring water, a yoga mat, and a yoga or beach towel with you. If you prefer, you may buy water or other beverages at the studio or purchase a mat and mat cover.

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