Hatha yoga is a sequence of Yoga postures designed to strengthen and align the spine. The lineage comes from 84 basic asanas in Calcutta, India. Through a series of standing, balancing, floor and breathing exercises, you will safely achieve greater strength, flexibility, overall health and vitality as you breathe from one posture to the next. The room is heated in order to help safely align the body, allow for deeper stretch and opening, and aid in detoxification. In other words, the heat will enhance your practice. The word literally means "forceful" or "Sun and Moon."  The practice helps open energy channels, especially the main channel of the spine.  This allows for a better free flow of energy and balance of the internal and external organs.  The timing of our breath is important because our conscious mind, when connected to the breath cycle brings us into the present moment.  That is where change occurs  - here and now.

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